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Bag Embroidery

Elevate your bag with embroidery

There’s no need to be plain when you can be fabulous! Add some personality to your handbag or purse with some beautiful embroidery. It is a great way to show off your unique style and make a statement. Whether you choose bold and bright designs or delicate and intricate patterns, embroidery will add a touch of luxury to your bag. So don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd – elevate your bag with some gorgeous embroidery today!

Why do you embroider a bag?

A bag is a great item to personalize as it can be used for many different purposes. It’s also an item that is not gender or age specific, so anyone can have an embroidery bag. Here’s a few reasons to embroider your bags:

For kids

It is a great idea for school bags. Your kid will spot their bag easily if it had their favourite art or name embroidered on it. Plus, it will keep everything organized if you have a school bag and a separate shoes bag for example.

For traveling

Everyone likes to keep their belongings organized and neatly packed when traveling or when you have to visit someone. An oversized tote bag can be a great option when traveling.

For shopping

Do you have cloth shopping bags for all your shopping days? Why not embroider them? Cloth bags are better than plastic bags and it’s better for the environment. Fashionable embroidered shopping bags will make every trip to the shop a lovely experience for women.

Giving old bags a new purpose

There are some great content these days relevant to embroidery, especially on old bags and things. Got an old plain bag laying around? Improve your bag’s look by getting it embroidered.

Is it possible to embroider on any bag or are there certain restrictions?

Yes, it is possible to embroider on any bag. However, it all depends on the material. If a needle and thread can go through it you can embroider it.

What are the most popular designs and styles for this type of decoration?

Many people choose bold and bright designs, while others prefer delicate and intricate patterns. No matter what your style, there is an embroidery design that will suit you.

Some good ideas for embroidery on bags are:

  • Recycle symbol on grocery bags
  • Your astrological symbol on a tote bag
  • Initials on gym bags, etc.
  • Embroidered accessories on bags
Embroidered patch logo on a computer bag front

Are there any tips or tricks to ensure that the design will not be damaged by everyday use?

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your embroidery clothes and accessories stays looking great, even with everyday use. Always follow the fabric care instructions on all your embroidered items.

Tips for taking care of all things embroidered:

– Hand wash is always recommended as it’s not rough on the threads

– Allow the items to air dry if possible, this will prevent shrinking

– Turn clothes inside out to protect the embroidery when using a washing machine

– To reduce the bleeding of bright colors, a gentle cold wash is best

– Avoid steam and don’t iron directly onto the embroidery in order to prevent damage

Where can people find more information on embroidery, as well as examples of beautiful and intricate designs that have been created using this method?

There are plenty of resources available if you’re interested in learning more about embroidery. If you’re new to embroidery, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. You can find helpful tutorials online, or even take a class at your local craft store. Embroidery can be a fun experience.

DIY isn’t for everyone though, but that is why we are here! There are many examples of beautiful and intricate designs that have been created using this method. Embroidery has been around for years and will forever be a trend.

If you head over to our website “Just Breathe Embroidery“, you can have a look at our gallery and view all the designs we’ve made. Give us a call today to ask any question relevant to embroidery or to place an order!

Embroidery services we have available:

Custom Embroidered Promotional Jackets

Custom Embroidered Promotional Shirts

Cap Embroidery

Towel Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Why choose Just Breathe Embroidery?

Just Breathe Embroidery isn’t just another embroider business, it’s a family run business – dedicated to your peace of mind. We’re driven by customer service and only the best quality embroidery. No size order is too big for us, we’re driven to meet your deadlines within a reasonable time frame.

We also provide our customers with competitive pricing faster turn-around times as we have our own in-house embroidery department. The team at Just Breathe Embroidery can’t wait to hear from you!

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