Just Breathe Embroidery is a firm believer in the power of personalization when it comes to gifts and items

It is time to create unique designs. From towels to blankets, baby items, and more, we make sure that every design is tailored to suit your individual needs. We are a proudly South African company with flair. By using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, we ensure that your personalised gifts are not only beautiful but also kind to the planet.

Embroidery on fleece blanket
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Uniqueness of Personalised Gifts

Is it tough finding the perfect gift? If so, custom embroidery is your ultimate solution. Sometimes a small unique personal touch will make it special.

What types of items can be personalised with embroidery?
From towels, blankets, baby clothes and workwear to that awesome pair of jeans that needs a patch. If you can push a needle through it we can embroider on it.

Personal Touch with Custom Embroidery

Adding a personal touch to your everyday items or gifts can really make them special. Luckily, our custom embroidery service can help you achieve just that!

Leading Embroidery supplier

High-Quality Custom Embroidery

Here at Just Breathe Embroidery, we're all about making our customers happy. Our quality is reflected in our reviews.

What materials are used for embroidery?
We use sustainable materials, including high-quality threads and fabrics that are gentle on the skin.

Can the embroidery be washed?
 We recommend washing embroidered items on a gentle cycle and avoiding bleach or harsh detergents.

In conclusion, Just Breathe Embroidery offers custom embroidery services that can help you create unique and personalised designs for a wide range of items, from towels and blankets to baby items and clothing.