School Uniform and Accessories Embroidery

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We offer a wide range of embroidery services for both businesses and schools - whatever your needs may be! We have an in-house embroidery department that allows us to provide faster turn-around times and competitive pricing. Our customer service is driven by our commitment to meet your deadlines.

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Just Breathe Embroidery can Embroider School Wear

The Just Breathe Embroidery company is expanding its services to include students! The new options include school Uniforms or school logo on jackets and sweatshirts in addition to polo shirts in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve variations. However, the most exciting announcement is that we are now offering customised embroidery on all our kids clothing for schools! This means you can get your favourite logo or school spirit slogan stitched onto your jumper, with a design of your choosing too!
With the new additions being so popular with customers already, it's no surprise that we had to expand our team and business to Gauteng and beyond. We have also upgraded our facility in order to keep up with demand. You can collect from Kempton Park or we can deliver for a small fee.

With our embroidery, you get a perfect accessory with your very own design

When it comes to choosing a mask for a school in the morning, every pupil in the class has one so, how can one create their own look? School accessories, like face masks, are not only an accessory themselves but also a symbol of your identity as a student. But here's what can set you apart from your fellow pupils: personalised embroidery on school accessories!

What products can I get embroidered?

School accessories, like face masks, aren't the only items you can have custom embroidered. Consider embroidering your backpack, sleeve bags, sports bags and laptop bags for a personalised touch. Other school accessories like water bottle holders, fleece jackets, gloves and beanies have become popular items to embroider on.