Embroidery on multi-coloured towels

Towel Embroidery

The word “personalized” gets thrown around a lot, but we believe that our personalized hand towel really makes it clear.

Our Personalised Hand Towel is the perfect touch for any bathroom!

Each of our embroidered towels is expertly embroidered with your choice of text and in different colours to match your personal colour scheme. These soft and fluffy towels will not only dry you off after a bath or shower but will also add an elegant touch to any bathroom. We’re sure that you’ll love how easy it is to customize these towels just as much as we do!  With so many colours and sizes available, there’s no limit on what kind of look you can achieve.

Give your home that finishing touch with embroidered face wash towels

The best way to add a touch of elegance to the bathroom is by using a Personalised Face wash towel. These small towels can be embroidered with any custom text or image for personal or advertising purposes. Choose thread with various colours that match your personal colour scheme! The perfect gift for anyone who loves looking good, or just needs an extra something special at their house.

Do you want to add some fun and personality to your bathroom?

Personalised Embroidered Bath Towels are a great way to make your home feel more like you. They’re also a fantastic gift for family and friends! an embroidered towel will make your bath look better and fresher. They look beautiful. You can choose from an array of colours, fonts, and designs (Like Terrycloth towels) that will match the style of any room in your house. It’s time to stop fighting over who gets which towel!

With Personalised Bath Towels, there is no need for arguments anymore about whose towel belongs on what hook or on which side of the bathtub. You can create towels with names or initials so everyone knows exactly who’s towel is who’s when they get out of the shower. And if you have kids, these towels are perfect because they won’t fight over who gets what towel either! These towels will be something that everyone loves using every day. Plus, it’s easy to clean them too – just throw them into the washer with all your other clothes! No more wasting money on buying new towels every few months because one person ruined theirs by leaving it in a puddle after their shower again…and again…and again…

Embroidering your decor means you can change it for any occasion or season

Sometimes you can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom by embroidering. You could even do it for the season or for special occasions.

We use designs with solid fills for these towels. When you use a running stitch, the stitches might disappear into the towel’s texture.

Contact us now and order yourself some Personalised Embroidered Bath Towels today!

A Personalised embroidered bath sheet  is a perfect gift

We have helped create a number of different personalised bath sheets over the years, with various colours and completed them with our machine Embroidery. This makes it the perfect Christmas present for someone who has everything! The towels are available in a selection of colour schemes and can be embroidered with anything you want – from your name to a funny saying or your favourite song lyrics. With our creative embroider team and recommended embroider fabric, we offer a free consultation so that means no more boring presents this Christmas!

Captivating colours and embroidery patterns

We are really into every embroidery project. We can work with patterns, an image, a print or text. Once we have matched your materials on the embroidery machine, we spray a cutaway or tear-away stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive. Lay the towel flat, ready for machine embroidering and smooth the stabilizer over the back of the area we wish to embroider. If using a high pile fabric, we cut a piece of water-soluble stabilizer for the top of your towel.

Show off the embroidery work on your new personalised towels!

Then we begin stitching. Once the towels embroidering is finished, we remove any water-soluble stabilizer on top of the fabric. This should be easy if we used some. Then we use tweezers to get hard-to-reach pieces off of your towel. Finally, we use a damp sponge to remove any excess stabilizer that was not removed with the first method.

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